Back-end Engineer salary in area of Aix-en-Provence, Marseille.

Back-end engineers rely on their knowledge of Java, C++, .NET, C# and other skills to create data access layers for software and applications. Back-end engineers also analyze, troubleshoot, and diagnose system hardware and physical infrastructure to maintain optimal performance. Back-end engineers provide valuable services by writing code that enables browsers and databases to communicate effectively.

50 724 €

Average salary

The average bonus for back-end developer in area of Aix-en-Provence, Marseille is 1 173 €. 13 salaries from back-end developer has been posted in area of Aix-en-Provence, Marseille.

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Company nameGenderCategory RoleSalaryBonus Years of experienceSeniorityLocationOffice
PrivateMalesoftware engineer, back-end4600007Senior Bouches-du-RhoneRemote
PrivateMalesoftware engineer, back-end5500027504Senior Bouches-du-RhoneRemote
PrivateMalesoftware engineer, back-end55000014Senior Bouches-du-RhoneHybrid
PrivateMalesoftware engineer, back-end60000012Senior Bouches-du-RhoneHybrid
PrivateMalesoftware engineer, back-end49000013Senior Bouches-du-RhoneHybrid
PrivateFemalesoftware engineer, back-end4100004Intermediate Bouches-du-RhoneHybrid
PrivateMalesoftware engineer, back-end4500007Senior Bouches-du-RhoneHybrid
PrivateMalesoftware engineer, back-end43000250010Intermediate Bouches-du-RhoneHybrid
PrivateMalesoftware engineer, back-end5500050005Lead Bouches-du-RhoneHybrid
PrivateFemalesoftware engineer, back-end3942409Intermediate Bouches-du-RhoneHybrid
PrivateMalesoftware engineer, back-end70000500023Lead Bouches-du-RhoneRemote
LuccaMalesoftware engineer, back-end46000010Senior Bouches-du-RhoneHybrid
AnonymeMalesoftware engineer, back-end55000014Senior Bouches-du-RhoneRemote

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