Front-end Engineer salary in area of Nantes.

A front-end engineer is vital to the success of a website. The position of the front-end engineer focuses on making websites friendly and functional to their users. So, no matter how great the product offering on the website is or how interesting the stories are, much of the utility of it depends on the users' ability to navigate it. The front-end engineer makes websites user-friendly by creating rich and exciting features such as animations, text boxes, games, forums, and even navigation. They often coordinate their efforts with the back-end engineers who then process the data.

44 500 €

Average salary

The average bonus for front-end developer in area of Nantes is 500 €. 4 salaries from front-end developer has been posted in area of Nantes.

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Company nameGenderCategory RoleSalaryBonus Years of experienceSeniorityLocationOffice
PrivateMalesoftware engineer, front-end45000200013Senior Loire-AtlantiqueOffice
PrivateMalesoftware engineer, front-end37000010Senior Loire-AtlantiqueHybrid
PrivateMalesoftware engineer, front-end60000012Lead Loire-AtlantiqueRemote
AnonymeFemalesoftware engineer, front-end3600009Senior Loire-AtlantiqueHybrid

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