Full-Stack Developer salary for male in area of Nantes.

A full-stack engineer is a position in high demand these days. This role requires general knowledge of all the different layers of software development. At a minimum, he/she must have functional knowledge of the front-end and back-end of software development, which they can turn into a finished project. In some cases, depending on the company and its requirements,a full-stack engineer is expected to have extensive knowledge and technical expertise in these different areas.

56 138 €

Average salary

The average bonus for male full-stack engineer in area of Nantes is 149 €. 10 salaries from male full-stack engineer has been posted in area of Nantes.

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Company nameGenderCategory RoleSalaryBonus Years of experienceSeniorityLocationOffice
CapgeminiMalesoftware engineer, full-stack3338514951Associate / Junior Loire-AtlantiqueHybrid
PrivateMalesoftware engineer, full-stack4000009Senior Loire-AtlantiqueHybrid
PrivateMalesoftware engineer, full-stack4900007Senior Loire-AtlantiqueOffice
PrivateMalesoftware engineer, full-stack4900008Senior Loire-AtlantiqueRemote
PrivateMalesoftware engineer, full-stack5300006Lead Loire-AtlantiqueOffice
PrivateMalesoftware engineer, full-stack6400007Senior Loire-AtlantiqueRemote
PrivateMalesoftware engineer, full-stack8200008Senior Loire-AtlantiqueRemote
DoctolibMalesoftware engineer, full-stack94000094000Lead Loire-AtlantiqueRemote
AnonymeMalesoftware engineer, full-stack45000017Senior Loire-AtlantiqueHybrid
360LearningMalesoftware engineer, full-stack5200004Senior Loire-AtlantiqueRemote

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